Meet Justin Charlton, Head of Finance

We’re excited to announce Justin Charlton, an early Origin investor with 12 years of rockstar experience in corporate finance and strategy consulting, will be joining Origin to head up our finance team. Justin is charged with bringing operational and financial discipline to both of our business units, Origin Story and Origin Dollar. Despite the bear … Read more

Welcoming Jon Youshaei as Origin’s First Creator in Residence

I’m thrilled to announce that Jon Youshaei has joined the Origin team as our first Creator in Residence. As we grow our NFT platform, Jon will work alongside our top creators, host interviews with them, and make content to educate their audiences about crypto as it becomes an even bigger part of the creator economy … Read more

Welcoming Chase Colman to the Origin Family

One of the most critical functions of any growing company is project management. Founders set the strategic vision, engineers design and scale solutions, marketers tell the story, etc. But project managers are the glue that keeps everything organized and running smoothly. As is common in startups, most roles on the Origin team are fluid and … Read more