Uniswap, SushiSwap, Balancer, Curve: Low DEX volumes have this impact on investors

After witnessing a consolidation phase that prolonged for more than three months, the crypto market seemed to be getting back on track during the initial few days of September. However, the unanticipated flash crash that took place on the 7th managed to, yet again, change the narrative. The broader crypto market, at the time of … Read more

Why it’s best to draw the line between Ethereum, Polygon

Ethereum‘s transaction fee was well under $3, at the time of writing. In April 2021, it spiked up to between the $65-$70 range, making the chain extremely expensive to utilize as a smart contract platform. Over the past few months, however, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain have put their name in the hat as alternatives. … Read more

A DeFi-Ethereum season is unlikely to happen unless…

The beginning of the 3rd quarter hasn’t been smooth sailing for the crypto-industry. With Bitcoin dropping below $30,000 and Ethereum briefly touching $1700 again, despite recent recoveries, bearish pressure has continued to creep up. Now, when we begin to incorporate all the bullish and bearish indicators, we have to understand that multiple factors currently cater … Read more