Regenesis: StarkNet’s No-Sweat State Reset

StarkWare Jul 7 · 4 min read All you need to know about why and how this will happen Intro StarkNet is preparing for a regenesis on Ethereum Mainnet. This post presents our current thinking on what this will look like, as well as why it is necessary and what its impact will be. We’re … Read more

StarkNet Alpha 0.9.0

StarkWare Jun 6 · 4 min read TL;DR Fees are now mandatory on Testnet, soon on Mainnet Contract factory pattern is now possible! StarkNet is introducing contract classes Delegate call is replaced with library call Intro We are happy to introduce StarkNet Alpha 0.9.0! This is an important version in which StarkNet makes significant steps … Read more

STARKs, StarkEx, and StarkNet

StarkWare Jun 2 · 3 min read StarkWare Glossary TL;DR STARKs enable blockchain scaling by efficiently proving the integrity of computations StarkEx is an application-specific scaling engine StarkNet is a permissionless, smart contract Layer 2 network STARKs STARKs (Scalable, Transparent ARgument of Knowledge) are a proof system that enables the proving and verification of computations. … Read more

Behind zkLend, a dual solution money market protocol for institutions and retail

zkLend is an L2 money-market protocol built on StarkNet, combining the best of zk-rollups and Ethereum to bring more users to the DeFi market.  To differentiate itself from the growing competition on the market, zkLend offers an innovative, dual solution to the problems faced in DeFi—a permissioned and compliance-focused solution for institutional clients and a … Read more

StarkNet Alpha 0.8.0

StarkWare Mar 14 · 4 min read Introducing: Fee Mechanism TL;DR StarkNet Alpha 0.8.0 presents the initial version of the fee mechanism (optional until StarkNet Alpha 0.9.0.) New API calls for estimating the transaction fee for obtaining the transaction trace, allowing better visibility and debugging capabilities Performance improvements to the StarkNet sequencer L1→L2 message cancellation … Read more

Roll-up developers StarkWare to raise $100M at a $6B valuation

Just three months after the last series C funding round, the Israeli company StarkWare is raising another $100 million at a $6 billion valuation, according to a report by the Israeli tech outlet Calcalist. The last series C round closed in November, brought in $50 million at a $2 billion valuation, thus tripling the company … Read more

GoL2: Conway’s Game of Life on StarkNet

StarkWare · Follow Mar 3 · 2 min read Unlocking the Power of Compute on L2 TL;DR GoL2 (based on the classic Conway’s Game of Life) is live on StarkNet testnet It is a powerful demonstration of how compute-hungry dApps, that are impractical on L1, can thrive on L2 What is the Game of Life? … Read more

StarkNet: On to the Next Challenge

Usability Delivered, StarkNet Team Moves to Next Challenge StarkWare Feb 9 · 5 min read TL;DR We are building StarkNet in steps, starting with establishing usability, then improving performance, and finally, moving on to decentralization We have achieved our first goal: usability. This means we delivered general computation in an Ethereum-like state (years before it … Read more

Fractal Scaling: From L2 to L3

It’s layers all the way down StarkWare Dec 21 · 4 min read TL;DR Recursive proofs open up surprising and novel design options Introducing L3, the application-specific layer, built recursively over L2 L3 serves the bespoke needs of apps, such as hyper-scalability, better control of the tech stack, and privacy StarkEx, currently serving customers as … Read more

Redefining Scalability

StarkWare Dec 1 · 8 min read Blockchain scalability has always been a heated topic. Nearly every blockchain network touts high numbers of transactions per second (TPS) as a selling point. However, TPS is not a valid metric to compare blockchain networks with — making it a challenge to evaluate their relative performance. Moreover, big … Read more