STARK: Endgame

How we got here, our DNA, and where we’re going. This article is based on a talk by Prof. Eli Ben-Sasson, a co-founder and president of StarkWare, at the StarkWare Sessions ’23 that were held in Israel recently. How did we get here? The STARK technology is based on proofs, and more precisely: proofs of … Read more

StarkEx: Why, What and How?

StarkWare Jan 18 · 11 min read Outline for ‘StarkWare or: How I learned to stop worrying and love complexity’ STARK proofs (and their practical application by StarkWare) are one of the most exciting leaps in technology since the invention of Bitcoin. Like any technological leap, STARKs are also mind-bendingly complex. This complexity can be … Read more

What is StarkEx and How Does it Work?

StarkWare Dec 21 · 4 min read Scaling Ethereum with StarkEx: A Layer-2 Solution for Lightning-Fast Transactions and Low Gas Fees Ethereum, like many other layer-1 blockchain networks, has been long facing scalability issues resulting in low throughput, long transaction times, and unpredictable gas fees. For decentralized applications that rely on the processing of hundreds … Read more

StarkEx: a Transparent, Scalable Solution for Exchanges

StarkWare Dec 1 · 7 min read TL;DR Users of centralized exchanges are demanding Proof of Solvency, and claims that “the exchange is regulated” are not sufficient Existing methods like Proof of Reserves based on a third-party audit have weaknesses (they’re not updated daily, and can be gamed) Running a centralized exchange on a StarkEx … Read more

StarkNet Performance Roadmap

StarkWare Nov 29 · 7 min read TL;DR Validity rollups are not limited in throughput in the same manner as L1s. This gives rise to potentially much higher TPS on L2 validity rollups. StarkNet performance roadmap addresses a key element in the system: the sequencer. We present here the roadmap for performance improvements: — Sequencer … Read more

Recursive STARKs

StarkWare Aug 11 · 9 min read The very first recursive proofs of general computation, now live on Ethereum Mainnet TL;DR Recursive Proving is live on Mainnet, scaling StarkEx apps as well as StarkNet with a single proof It boosts scale, and delivers benefit in cost, and latency (a rare and exciting occurrence of scale … Read more

StarkEx Version 4.5 is Here!

StarkWare Jun 23 · 4 min read Volition, ERC-1155, and Transaction Bundling TL;DR StarkEx version 4.5 is here! Volition — allowing users to choose — for every single asset! — which data availability mode they would like to use: Rollup (on-chain data) or Validium (off-chain data) ERC-1155 support is now available Transaction Bundling — execute … Read more

STARKs, StarkEx, and StarkNet

StarkWare Jun 2 · 3 min read StarkWare Glossary TL;DR STARKs enable blockchain scaling by efficiently proving the integrity of computations StarkEx is an application-specific scaling engine StarkNet is a permissionless, smart contract Layer 2 network STARKs STARKs (Scalable, Transparent ARgument of Knowledge) are a proof system that enables the proving and verification of computations. … Read more