StarkNet Planets Alpha on Testnet

The First Step to a Permissionless ZK-Rollup StarkWare Jun 14 · 4 min read TL;DR StarkNet Planets Alpha — the first step on our road to Mainnet — is now live on Testnet! StarkNet is a permissionless Turing-complete ZK-Rollup¹. Developers can implement their business logic of choice in a smart contract and deploy it permissionlessly … Read more

Caspian, an L2-Powered AMM

A DeFi-friendly L2 AMM StarkWare Apr 4 · 5 min read TL;DR Capital efficiency is a major source of concern when considering L2 solutions for DeFi. The reason: it is assumed that liquidity will fragment between L1 and multiple L2 solutions. Presenting Caspian: We propose a new L2-powered AMM design. This AMM leaves assets on … Read more

Conditional Transfers — The Key to Interoperability

A Building Block for L1-L2 Interoperability StarkWare Mar 10 · 5 min read This post will present the solution that StarkEx offers for supporting Fast Withdrawals: the ability to withdraw funds from L2 to any L1 address, in blockchain time. This solution is independent of the frequency with which validity proofs are generated by the … Read more

DeFi Pooling

Bringing Scalability to Existing L1 Projects StarkWare Jan 24 · 5 min read TL;DR DeFi’s original values were about financial inclusion and open access. As gas price rises, DeFi is turning into a whale game. L1 Pools (such as Vaults in YFI) effectively scale DeFi, as they are cheaper and simpler. Nevertheless, joining, leaving, and … Read more