OGN Season 1 Staking Ends Midnight UTC 10/10/2022

Important dates October 10, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 staking locked November 9, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 ends and Season 2 begins November 9, 2022 at midnight UTC — December 9, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 rewards claim period We’ve been inspired by the active interest and participation in OGN staking … Read more

An Update on Distribution of Staking Token Rewards

In 2019, as part of the Matic Network (now, Polygon) token distribution, 12% of the MATIC token’s total supply was allocated for staking rewards to be released over a five-year period. Now that two years have passed, a report is being shared on the progress seen in the Polygon PoS network so far and an … Read more

Ethereum post-merge staking rewards will likely be lower than anticipated

Ethereum’s(ETH) transition from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism — the so-called Merge — will not happen in June as many have predicted. As reported by CryptoSlate on April 14, Ethereum core developers will not yet be ready for the merge before the end of the third quarter. The highly-anticipated merge will mark … Read more