Ethereum’s latest on staking data could mean this for the future of stakers

New data suggests that the majority of Ethereum staked was handled by four providers Staking revenue declines however traders continue to show interest According to new data majority of all ETH staked was handled by four staking providers. This development could pose a threat to the decentralization of Ethereum. This data was shared by Delphi … Read more

Potential ETH investors have all the reasons to bet on stETH this financial quarter 

Over the past month, Lido’s staked ETH managed to trade above Ethereum. This development could be attributed to the success of the Merge. It also led to investors having increased interest in stETH due to a sense of reduced risk and lower uncertainty around PoS future rewards. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Here’s AMBCrypto’s Price Prediction for Lido Staked … Read more