Origin chats OUSD and stablecoin innovation at Buidl Asia

It’s been a busy month for the team, with an array of listings and new native marketplaces that were launched in August. Along with the hard work put in across Origin’s DeFi and NFT products, our Co-founder, Josh Fraser, set off to South Korea early last month to speak at ETH Seoul, a component of … Read more

Claim Your Share of 50 Million OGV by Providing Liquidity to OUSD

OUSD liquidity providers get 50 million OGV We recently announced an ambitious plan to grow OUSD through a liquidity mining campaign leading up to the airdrop of Origin Dollar Governance (OGV). In addition to OGN holders being eligible to claim OGV on a 1:1 basis, we’re allocating 50 million OGV tokens — nearly 5% of … Read more

Origin Dollar (OUSD) Expands to Offer a Non-Rebasing Tokenized Vault

Wrapped OUSD Since OUSD was launched during the Summer of 2020, it has proven to be one of the best-performing, most trusted ways to earn yield from DeFi. By combining the concepts of a yield-bearing vault with a rebasing stablecoin, OUSD brings simplicity, gas savings, and convenience to farmers who would otherwise be forced to … Read more

Wyre Now Supports GMO Stablecoins GYEN and ZUSD

We’ve partnered with the established internet group to make a push toward Web 3.0. Wyre is partnering with GMO-Z.com Trust Company (GMO Trust), a subsidiary of a Japanese internet and financial services conglomerate GMO Internet (GMO), to bring the first regulated JPYstablecoin (GYEN) to our services. GMO Internet is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, providing … Read more