UFC boss touts NFTs as a revenue driver

Dana White, UFC’s President, recently shared that the company considers NFTs as a critical revenue driver and fan engagement platform during a press conference UFC: Committed to the Web3 Space UFC is one sports league that hasn’t held back in its adoption of Web3 technology, and the UFC was one of the first major sports … Read more

John Terry’s NFT Project Tanks in Value

Premier League legend John Terry is one of the most successful players to grace the league, he recently released an NFT project, but since its release, it has lost most of its value On 2 February 2022, John Terry and his team released their highly anticipated NFT project to considerable fanfare. As at the launch … Read more

UFC goes Big with NFTs

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has become the gold standard for Mixed Martial Arts professionals, and over the last few months, the UFC has doubled down on NFTs and the digital world with UFC Strike. UFC partners with Crypto.com Crypto.com is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platforms globally. Its recent growth and activities have been nothing … Read more