How ‘totally fine’ ETC is coping with the effect of Ethereum’s Merge

Ethereum blockchain’s potential transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake (Merge) has triggered a buying hysteria around the hype. Well, not just for ETH, but also for related cryptos such as Ethereum Classic. In fact, different predictions concerning the altcoin have come true too. ETC, for instance, at press time, had jumped to $40 from its value … Read more

Will Ethereum’s new ATH bear the same results as it did in May

After months of waiting, Ethereum finally accomplished what investors had been waiting for. By hitting $4,361 on the charts, ETH marked a new all-time high and joined the league of cryptos that have already registered new ATHs of their own. However, the question remains – Will Ethereum continue to act bullish going forward? Or will … Read more