ETH’s correlation to S&P 500 and ‘climbing’ whale transaction hint at…

The crypto market persisted in following the stock market closely over the years. In February, Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, moved in tandem with U.S. stocks like never before. Consequently, a 40-day correlation coefficient for the token and the S&P 500 topped at 0.65. Continuing the trend, here’s the latest relationship status. Match made in heaven? … Read more

ETH, SP500, and the Fed- what their movements mean for crypto investors

Asset correlations can put a lot of investors on edge, and sometimes, rightly so. For several months, analysts were probing and critiquing Bitcoin for its correlation to more traditional non-crypto stocks, worrying this might affect its status as an inflation hedge. That being said, new data from Santiment suggests that the crypto asset to watch … Read more