Ethereum [ETH] metric sees correction: Hopes of a bull run rise

The S&P 500 metric showed a price correction while Ethereum continued an uptrend. Percent Supply in Profit was over 67% at press time, representing a four-month high for Ethereum. The price of Ethereum [ETH] rose dramatically over the last few days, which indicated a bull trend. Consequently, the recent activity of the S&P 500 metric … Read more

Ethereum’s correlation with S&P500 could mean this for your portfolio

In the past few years, the cryptocurrency market has shared a close correlation with the stock market. For instance, in February, it was reported that the leading alt, Ethereum [ETH], started to move more closely with U.S. stocks. According to the report, a 40-day correlation coefficient for the token and the S&P 500 marked a … Read more

These factors are causing a rise in BTC, ETH’s correlation with the stock market

Going mainstream is not always the best outcome for assets, and cryptocurrencies have lent proof to the same. While a rise in adoption had definitely brought legitimacy and capital to the market, it has also made it susceptible to macroeconomic changes. Crypto is stocking up This has been highlighted in the rising correlation between cryptocurrency … Read more