Auto-Compounding, LP Staking, NFTs and the bright future of DeFi Land

Dear DeFi Landers, In all forms of market turbulence, our team stays committed to delivering the best gamified DeFi experience to our users. These last few weeks have been challenging for the $DFL token and its holders, but we see every challenge as an opportunity to listen to our community and work harder than ever … Read more

Solana, powered by Solbridge is now live on Polygon

Solana, powered by Solbridge is now live on Polygon! 14th July — We are delighted to announce that Solbridge, a blockchain bridge that aims to connect DeFi service providers across a number of different chains, has launched a bridge from Polygon to Solana and is now live. It is Solbridge’s first EVM-compatible network. Solbridge participants … Read more