Binance Smart Chain joins Ethereum-Solana ‘bridge party’ on Wormhole

Cross-chain bridges have the potential not only to bring multiple blockchains to users, but also to revolutionize NFT markets and DeFi as a whole. The ETH<>SOL token bridge supported by Wormhole is one example, of how popular chains are now interacting with each other. What’s more, another network joined the club recently: the Binance Smart … Read more

Solana has ‘much less wiggle room,’ but where will its price head next

The likes of Solana and Algorand have done well lately. Not just on the price front, but as far as ecosystem-centric developments are concerned too. Solana, for its part, has seen a lot of variance on its charts, with its price surging to as high as $215 a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, money is pouring into … Read more

Fund managers increase Ethereum (ETH) holdings citing ‘most compelling’ growth outlook

211-year-old investment firm buys $4.75 million of Ethereum (ETH) Chicago-based financier Rothschild Investment Corporation purchased over 265,302 shares of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE), marking its first-ever investment into ETH, the asset powering the world’s most-used blockchain. 2 min read →

Is the future ‘cross-chained’ for Ethereum, Solana, other blockchains

The blockchain industry is innovating at a rapid pace and at the moment, different chains are interacting with each other. With the expansion of DeFi, these assets are not only limited to Solana, or Terra’s ecosystem, but it has become essential that there are solutions that allow these assets to move from one branch to … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum will draw their market strength from this key aspect

Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently surviving a bearish scare, with both assets just about holding a position above their immediate supports. For Bitcoin, the $41,000-level is establishing a strong bounceback range while Ethereum has managed to remain above $3000. On the contrary, some altcoins have recorded strong recoveries, with Solana, Bitcoin Cash, and Uniswap hiking … Read more

Here’s where Ethereum stands amidst the growing L1, L2 competition

The broader crypto-market has been witnessing a relief rally of late. Despite some corrections at press time, the prices of most top coins seemed to be getting back on track on the charts. Amidst the broader market drama, the battle between L1 and L2 solutions has also been intensifying. In effect, the price tug of … Read more

Ethereum, Solana, VeChain Price Analysis: 22 September

The entire cryptocurrency market has been facing severe bearishness over the past few weeks. The king of altcoins, Ethereum broke down below crucial support levels and would incur selling pressures from all around. That effect would automatically trickle down to the other smaller altcoins in the market like VeChain. However, thanks to its recent rally, … Read more

Solana, Polkadot, Algorand: What is the Bitcoin effect on these altcoins

With the market trading in red today pretty much all coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum are falling. However, there are some coins that made excellent gains in the last 2 months which are now facing huge price falls as well. Which alts though? Solana, Polkadot, and Algorand were three altcoins that successfully rallied between July … Read more

‘Wormhole token bridge’ to allow token transfer across Ethereum, Solana

Although its spot price was undergoing some trials and tests finding support, Solana’s popularity has reached far and wide. This latest development will only add to its growing influence, as the Wormhole network announced the launch of the “Wormhole Token Bridge,” starting with Ethereum and Solana. The Wormhole team announced, 1/ Today we’re incredibly excited … Read more

Will Solana get a second-chance to prove its worth to institutional investors

$100k, is no doubt, a crucial benchmark for Bitcoin. Several of our recent analyses have highlighted how the king-coin is likely set to achieve the 6-digit valuation by the end of this year. The successful realization of the aforementioned feat would definitely be scripted in the books of crypto-history. However, when viewed from the lens … Read more