ETH and SOL NFTs in trouble after market shutdown? Analyzing…

Both NFTZ and the Rally sidechain announced plans to close the projects. Ethereum and Solana NFTs increased sales in the last 30 days. Despite some resurgence in NFT prices and transactions, the ecosystem might still be plagued with some downsides. Bloomberg, in its 31 January update, reported that the DeFiance Digital Revolution EFT, also known … Read more

Could the NFT market be in pole position for a Q1 2023 revival?

Crypto Punk NFT sold for six times the amount it was bought. NFT market would need some crypto price recovery to sustain a 2023 revival. If you were of the viewpoint that the NFT market year would end in a turnaround, then you may not be too far from the truth. Despite a rally on … Read more

Ethereum’s dwindling NFT sales and buyers have a Solana twist which looks like…

NFTs, once a trending keyword in 2021, are seeing their traction and popularity fade in 2022, especially as NFT metrics slide down. Big bulls such as Ethereum-based NFTs have, understandably, faced severe repercussions too. Ergo, the question – Can Ethereum’s competitors capitalize on this opportunity? If so, can it make its way back to the … Read more

Ethereum NFT Transactions Fall Below 1 Million, Signaling Bearish Sentiment

Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT) total transactions fell to a new low in August due to a reduced interest in digital collectibles projects housed in its ecosystem.  Ethereum NFTs continue to dominate the digital arts industry. With that said, the blockchain saw decreased activity when it comes to total transactions of NFTs over the past month. … Read more

The 5 Best Solana NFT Marketplaces

The Solana ecosystem is rapidly expanding. Since Solana’s first iconic NFT drop ‘Degenerate Ape Academy’, NFT projects and digital art have never been so plentiful on the platform. When it comes to choosing the best NFT marketplaces on Solana, there’s an array of options available, which offer varying benefits. A rising star in the crypto … Read more

NFT Market: Ethereum Loses Space to Solana – JPMorgan

NFT market: The dominance of the Ethereum (ETH) network in the non-fungible token (NFT) market is being threatened by Solana (SOL), according to a new report from JPMorgan Chase. Sponsored Sponsored Analysts at the traditional investment bank noted that Solana has captured an increasing share of the NFT market. Every day, more users and developers … Read more