Ethereum: Shanghai Upgrade approaches, here’s what node operators should know

Earnings from transaction fees on the network declined by 3.66% over the previous week. The Open Interest (OI) for ETH rose, complementing the increase in price. In preparation for the much-anticipated Shanghai hard fork which is scheduled to go live on 12 April, Ethereum [ETH] developers asked all network validators to upgrade their nodes. During … Read more

I asked ChatGPT Ethereum’s price prediction after Shanghai and its response was…

Sometimes, I’m a fan of the popular saying- Not by power, not by might. Other times, I’m not. Now, I’m not trying to dismiss your religious beliefs or personal opinions. However, the incredible ChatGPT innovation might make you want to question that line. Take it or leave it. In the midst of confusion and increasing … Read more

Shanghai upgrade gets a launch date, ETH stakers heave a sigh of relief

The Goerli testnet witnessed a dip in participation rates. More than 15% of ETH’s total circulation supply was staked at press time. The highly-anticipated Shanghai upgrade also called Shapella, that would enable the withdrawal of staked Ethereum [ETH] has finally got a mainnet launch date, as decided during the network’s All Core Developers Call. Much to … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] could be set for another round of explosion, only if…

ETH’s short-term recovery could depend on the USD and interest rates trend. Technical indicators suggest short-term consolidation. The first few days of March have failed to give Ethereum [ETH] holders a much-desired breather. Despite the reality of despair, any hope for respite could depend on one condition, according to Chris Burniske. The ex-crypto investment head … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] nosedives as Shanghai Upgrade gets pushed to April

The test on Goerli will be the last dress rehearsal for the upcoming Shanghai Upgrade. ETH recorded a steep fall on the news of the postponement at press time. The much-anticipated Shanghai Upgrade that would enable the withdrawal of staked Ethereum [ETH] has been pushed to the second week of April, as decided during the network’s core … Read more

Ethereum [ETH]: Will this development turn HODLers into stakers

Ethereum stakers impacted positively after the merge. Addresses continued to hold their ETH as selling pressure reduced. According to a 1 March tweet by Messari, the Ethereum [ETH] merge had a huge impact on the state of stakers. Even though the prices of ETH took a hit, staking returns improved from 1% in Q3 to … Read more

Here’s why ETH’s underperformance is not linked to Shanghai

Analysts argued that the altcoin’s recent letdown could either be linked to the nearing Shanghai upgrade or not ETH may not rally in the short term as traders are torn between longs and shorts According to Hal Press, Ethereum’s [ETH] underwhelming performance in recent times could be a result of some faults in the nearing … Read more

Ethereum: Sepolia testnet successful, but Buterin admits…

The Ethereum Sepolia Testnet was successful as validators geared up for the Shanghai Upgrade. The Georli Testnet is next but Vitalik said there is more work to be done. As the Shanghai Upgrade inched closer, Ethereum [ETH] developers successfully deployed the Sepolia Testnet on the blockchain. The Sepolia, the second Testnet, finalized its checkpoint at 56830 … Read more

ETH tests 5-month high as whales retain this % of supply, more inside

Ethereum rose to $1,700 on February 17. Whale and shark address holding have not slowed down their accumulation. The price of Ethereum [ETH] reached $1,700 on 17 February after five months. Is this ascent an indicator of things to come? Or will the whale accumulation result in dumping before the Shanghai upgrade? Read Ethereum’s [ETH] … Read more

Ethereum: While “sell orders” dominate market, positive sentiment lingers

Most ETH traders have taken to distributing their holdings. The positive conviction still lingers as many anticipate the Shanghai Upgrade. On-chain assessment of the Net Taker Volume metric has revealed that following the recent rally in the price of Ethereum [ETH], traders have been exiting the market in large numbers, with the highest volume of … Read more