FUD for thought: Can Coinbase’s clarification help Ethereum stakers?

Coinbase clarifies stance on staking, ETH faces uncertainty. Validators remain positive, however, traders remain pessimistic about the king altcoin. Coinbase, of late, has been found at the heart of the massive FUD surrounding the crypto market. The FUD was stirred due to SEC’s investigation into Coinbase’s rival firm, Kraken. Now, after the Kraken incident panned … Read more

What does the future hold for ETH staking post SEC’s Kraken ruling?

ETH tanked to a two-week low at press time. However, ETH’s staking activity was not massively impacted.  The crypto space felt the pinch of yet another U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruling. According to a 10 February tweet by Wu Blockchain, Kraken, the second-largest exchange in the U.S., “immediately” ceased its crypto staking-as-a-service platform … Read more

Ethereum on verge of FUD? Coinbase CEO tweet ruffles feathers

Coinbase CEO’s tweet sparked speculation on SEC’s new crypto rulings. New regulations could impact the crypto industry and lead to problems. The crypto world has been buzzing for the last 24 hours, thanks to a tweet by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. The speculation triggered by the tweet revolved around the potential impact of the SEC’s … Read more

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor says Ethereum is a security

In an interview with Altcoin Daily, MicroStrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor said Ethereum (ETH) is security. According to Saylor, the fact that Ethereum was first issued via an initial coin offering proves it is not a commodity. “There’s a management team. There was a pre-mine. There’s a hard fork. There are continual hard forks.” He also talked … Read more

The U.S. already have a CBDC, just skip the “CB”

Few product announcements have stirred such activities among governments around the world as the then Facebook’s, now Meta’s, announcement of the then Libra, now the dead Diem, announcement. The prospects of having a private company with billions of users issue money was just too much for legislators. All of the sudden, everyone was planning a … Read more

If Ethereum Foundation is accurately timing the market, here’s what it means

‘Buy the dips and sell the rally,’ would be any seasoned trader’s piece of advice for timing the market. But, this timing can seldom be accurate in real-time. But, interestingly, a recent observation by trader Edward Morra seems to suggest that Ethereum’s all-time highs are matching with the sell-offs by Ethereum Foundation. $ETHFriendly reminder that … Read more

SEC’s Gensler hardens stance on crypto, says ‘if they’re selling it, we’re regulating it’

The cryptocurrency industry’s unparalleled boom last year had brought with it the attention of regulators worldwide, all of whom have shown varied levels of acceptance towards the emerging asset class. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission’s Chief for instance has repeatedly expressed his skepticism about the lack of investor protection and information offered by blockchain … Read more

For this billionaire, ‘there’d be another trillion dollars worth of buying into Bitcoin’ if…

While only a recent supporter of the cryptocurrency industry, billionaire investor Kevin O’Leary has never shied away from expressing his arguably strong opinions. Even as the Shark Tank star had previously ridiculed Bitcoin, he is now known to be a hodler who just didn’t want to irk regulators. He once again reiterated his regulatory compliant … Read more

Assessing the odds of a Bitcoin ETF being launched by October

It is no secret that the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approval of Bitcoin ETF is greatly anticipated. While, elsewhere in the world, countries such as Brazil and Dubai have already taken steps in that direction, there seem to be no signs of the same happening in the US anytime soon. Naturally, the question, … Read more

VanEck, ProShares withdraw their Ethereum ETF applications

Asset management firm VanEck was in the news a few days ago after it filed an application with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] for an Ethereum exchange-traded fund [ETF]. However, the firm has now decided to withdraw its application. According to VanEck’s latest filing, “The Amendment relates to VanEck Ethereum Strategy ETF, … Read more