Cairo 1.0-Alpha.3 — Just released!

StarkWare Feb 23 · 2 min read TL;DR Cairo 1.0-alpha.3 was just released. Added new language features that will be supported in Starknet alpha v0.11.0, expected in two weeks. New Features Cairo 1.0 continues to move forward, providing developers with the ability to write richer applications and taking another step towards feature compatibility with Cairo … Read more

Announcing the Raiden Forum

Raiden Network Sep 29 · 3 min read The Raiden Forum is now live! Everyone in the Raiden community is welcome to make proposals and engage in thoughtful discussions. Raiden Forum Two weeks ago, we introduced a path to robust Raiden Community Governance, including new processes and tools to help the community discuss and vote … Read more

What Ethereum’s Buterin has to say about block time being ‘reduced much in the future’

Scaling, or the lack of it, has been a grave problem with the Ethereum network. While several plans to increase the platform’s throughput are in the pipeline, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has not been shying away from highlighting its limitations. In an answer to a Reddit thread, Buterin highlighted that decreasing the block time could … Read more

Unstoppable Domains Users Save $100 Million in Fees on Polygon

What’s better than paying less fees? Paying $100 million less! That’s how much the users of Unstoppable Domains have saved in gas since the leading provider of domain names for Web 3.0 launched on Polygon. Before the integration on the Polygon network in November 2021 had all but eliminated transaction fees on Unstoppable Domains, users … Read more

Polygon reaches new milestone of 7000 dApps, beats ETH’s daily transaction volume

Layer 2 protocols aimed at bringing scalability to the ever-congested Ethereum network have been stealing the crypto show ever since the DeFi summer last year. One platform that especially stood out was Polygon, which has become a go-to for many to for many DeFi proponents looking for low fees and high speed on their transactions. … Read more

Optimistic Rollups: the present and future of Ethereum scaling

Offchain Labs Dec 17 · 14 min read We’re hearing a lot of talk about how ZK rollups are supposedly the future of general smart contract systems. We disagree — and this post explains why. It draws on the practical lessons we have learned from running an open, secure, EVM-compatible L2 chain with hundreds of … Read more

Binance integrates Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, Arbitrum One

Arbitrum One core network has now been fully integrated by Binance, the cryptocurrency firm announced earlier today. This has paved the way for Ether withdrawals on Arbitrum One Layer 2, which is a scaling solution for the Ethereum network. Arbitrum One is the beta mainnet of a layer-2 optimistic rollup protocol that enables off-chain Ethereum … Read more

Infura Integrates with Polygon to Advance Web 3.0

Infura Transactions (ITX) have come to Polygon! Leveraging the Polygon network to support ITX provides applications with a seamless scaling experience. Specifically, ITX allows end users to send transactions without necessarily holding Ether (ETH). ITX ensures that your transactions are safely submitted and not dropped, while abstracting away the complexities with gas management for developers. … Read more