Scalability issues no more? First EVM compatible ZK Rollup live on ETH’s public testnet

Ethereum‘s scalability issues have created a whirlwind of problems for the cryptocurrency industry, however, it has also fostered a ground for innovative ideas to overcome the same. Many layer 2 solutions have emerged in the recent past in order to combat the congestion on Ethereum, including zero-knowledge rollups. An enhancement for this has now been … Read more

Perun Channels available on Polkadot

Perun Network Nov 25 · 3 min read Author: Matthias Geihs The Perun Framework is a toolkit for increasing a blockchain’s transaction throughput and enabling transactions across blockchain networks. In addition to supporting Ethereum and Cosmos blockchains, the Perun Framework now also supports Polkadot blockchains. The development of the Polkadot backend is supported by the … Read more

Redefining Scalability

StarkWare Dec 1 · 8 min read Blockchain scalability has always been a heated topic. Nearly every blockchain network touts high numbers of transactions per second (TPS) as a selling point. However, TPS is not a valid metric to compare blockchain networks with — making it a challenge to evaluate their relative performance. Moreover, big … Read more

StarkEx 3.0 now live on Mainnet

Empower L2 users to easily interact with L1 StarkWare Jul 27 · 3 min read TL;DR StarkEx 3.0 is live on Mainnet Main features: L1 Vaults & SHARP (SHARed Prover) L1 Vaults: Ethereum addresses (specifically, smart contracts) can now trade with StarkEx’s users by owning an L1 Vault — enabling DeFi Pooling & dAMM (formerly … Read more

StarkNet Alpha 1

Featuring: L1<>L2 Interaction, On-Chain Data, and the Growing StarkNet Ecosystem StarkWare Jul 19 · 4 min read TL;DR StarkNet Alpha 1 has two new features: L1<>L2 interaction On-chain data Introduction At the beginning of the year, we announced that StarkWare is building StarkNet, a permissionless decentralized STARK-based ZK-Rollup¹ operating as an L2 network over Ethereum. … Read more

Introducing Confidential NFTs (cNFTs)

Marcel Kaiser Jun 16 · 5 min read Our previously introduced scalability solution Nifty Erdstall facilitates (but is no condition for) the usage of Confidential NFTs (cNFTs). We introduce this novel trustless solution for NFT applications. It guarantees that only the current owner of an NFT can access specific data, for example high-resolution images or … Read more

Implementing Collateralized Channels on Ethereum using Go-Perun

Perun Network Mar 22 · 5 min read Previously, we introduced collateralized channels and discussed how they can enable peer-to-peer payments in an offline setting. Collateralized channels can be a solution to digital payments in an offline setting. (Icons: In the following we show how collateralized channels on Ethereum are implemented using the Go-Perun … Read more

Realizing Offline Peer-2-Peer Micro-Payments via Collateralized Channels

Perun Network Mar 15 · 2 min read Payment channels enable fast local micro-payments on top of a comparatively slow global transaction backend. However, opening a payment channel typically requires that clients are connected to a global transaction backend. Therefore, payment channels cannot be established when clients are offline, e.g., when going through a rural … Read more

StarkEx 2.0 is Now Live on Mainnet!

The first Cairo based system is now in production StarkWare Dec 2, 2020 · 3 min read Five months ago we launched StarkEx 1.0, the first production-grade STARK system, powering DeversiFi’s self-custodial exchange. Immediately after launch we started developing the new and improved version, StarkEx 2.0, which rolled out today. This version introduces a number … Read more

The Blockchain Trilemma

Perun Network Aug 24, 2020 · 4 min read Secure — Decentral — Scalable. These are the three properties any ideal blockchain system should possess. However, current state-of-the-art blockchain technology can only achieve two out of the three properties, which results in the so-called blockchain trilemma. Popular blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum may be … Read more