Ethereum, SAND, NEAR Price Analysis: 02 January

As Ethereum struggled to cross the $3,766 resistance, most alts found it difficult to sustain an uninterrupted rally. The overall sentiment still remained in the ‘fear’ zone. While gathering hefty volumes was a substantial hurdle, SAND and NEAR exhibited an increasing bearish influence.  Ethereum (ETH) Source: TradingView, ETH/USD Following a massive sell-off, ETH saw a … Read more

Ethereum, Dogecoin, SAND Price Analysis: 30 December

As the crypto fear and greed index dipped into the ‘extreme fear’ zone, ETH and Dogecoin fell below their 20-50-200 SMA. Ether struggled to cross the $3,766-level while SAND looked at $5.4 as testing support.  The overall near-term technicals for these cryptos were skewed towards the bears. Ethereum (ETH) Source: TradingView, ETH/USD After a month-long … Read more

Ethereum, SAND, Chainlink Price Analysis: 26 December

The last week marked a reasonable recovery while Ethereum and Chainlink poked their two-week highs on 24 December. Ethereum seemed to hold the $4,000 mark and now strove to test its immediate resistance. SAND touched its three-week high on 26 December after forming a rising wedge (reversal) pattern. Ethereum (ETH) TradingView, ETH/USD Over the past … Read more