From Rollup to Validium With Polygon Avail

Rollups scale Ethereum by providing a separate layer where transactions can be executed. But they still rely on the mainnet to store transaction data, which is costly and eats up valuable blockspace. Polygon Avail is a modular data availability blockchain that solves this problem by taking the data off chain, helping bring the vision of … Read more

Understanding Polygon Avail & Modular Blockchains Through Metaphors

Polygon Avail is a modular data availability blockchain. For most people, that’s not much of an explanation. Below are a few clear metaphors for understanding modular blockchains, one of the most important concepts in the Web3 space. The metaphors mostly describe one potential use case for Avail – the Validium solution for Layer 2s. Future … Read more

Ethereum rollups promised lower fees and faster speeds, but instead we got…

Ethereum’s rollups were pitched as airlines and super highways to make transactions faster within the ecosystem and solve congestion problems. However, reality hasn’t quite panned out the way many rollup enthusiasts predicted it would. I want to speak to your manager! A Huobi Research report by Barry Jiang looked at some problems with rollups that … Read more

As ConsenSys, Mastercard announce rollups, will gas fees roll out larger investors

At press time, gas fees on Ethereum were 47 gwei, and the estimated cost of an ERC-20 transfer was about $10.25. Lower than usual, yes, but still a difficult cost to justify for many users and developers. Luckily, there’s a growing answer to this problem – Ethereum rollups, or Layer 2 solutions that aim to … Read more

Removing whitelist brings Optimism ‘one step closer to truly open, optimistic’ Ethereum

Do you remember the day you took the training wheels off your bicycle? Maybe you liked them well enough, but knew it was time to move on. Now, an Ethereum rollup – or a Layer 2 solution for scaling transactions – is ready to take the same step. Glass half full Optimism, an Ethereum Virtual … Read more

ZKVerse: A Gentle Introduction to Zero Knowledge Proofs

Welcome to “ZKVerse” – a content series dedicated to exploring the world of Zero Knowledge (ZK) proofs. This technology has recently emerged as one of the key solutions that will allow the Ethereum network to accommodate its next billion users. Unfortunately, ZK is as promising as it is arcane. In this blog series, we will … Read more

Charles Hoskinson believes Cardano is in the best position to venture in this space…

Futuristic and feature rich cryptocurrencies like Cardano are making the crypto adoption initiative more smooth and worthy. Yet the price of Cardano’s native token, ADA doesn’t reflect much. At least compared to other “shitcoins”. Maybe the coin needs something like what a few trending altcoins have got: the spirit and the followers. Yet, Cardano is … Read more

Ethereum: Identifying the problem despite rollups cutting fees by >90%

There’s usually something going on in the Ethereum ecosystem. Whether it’s a new NFT collection or the sky-high gas fees, there are always eyes on the second-largest crypto by market cap. In the frenzy of activity, however, it’s easy to miss out on Ethereum’s layer 2 solutions – The smart contract rollup chains. Rolling into … Read more

The impact of Ethereum L2 solution, Optimism’s upgrade, on Arbitrum

Ethereum has a bunch of different protocols and L2 solutions operating for different purposes. So there is always some sort of competition going on within the network. This one-on-one competition was shattered with the arrival of Arbitrum as it skyrocketed within a few days. But now it looks like its old competition Optimism is back … Read more