Bitcoin’s sluggish phase a blessing in disguise, altseason led by Ethereum in the cards

Altcoins have largely been outperforming Bitcoin of late. In just the past week alone, top coins like ETH, BNB, AVAX and MATIC have fetched their investors with 10%, 16%, 17% and 22% returns respectively. Bitcoin, on the other hand, found it quite challenging to deliver 3% in the same timeframe. King versus the rest Along … Read more

Is Ethereum better positioned if Bitcoin is more volatile

2021 is not the same as 2017. While this particular statement has been redundantly used, it is essential to understand the ‘why’ of it. 2017 had a predominant Bitcoin presence while in 2021, Ethereum and other altcoins have brought legitimate liquidity. The volatility tussle between BTC and ETH was a point of discussion as both … Read more

Bitcoin & Ethereum: which asset will cross this benchmark first in the next 2 weeks

Bitcoin and Ethereum both tested their initial targets of $40,000 and $2400 over the past day, after consistently rallying over the last week. The market sentiment is currently improving for both assets. While Bitcoin has been the driving force for the majority of the bull markets, smaller altcoins have rallied behind Ether’s bullish period as … Read more