The First Real Estate Sale via NFT Marketplace: Executed on Origin Protocol’s Story Marketplace

The recently launched NFT marketplace for physical property exchange developed by Origin Protocol for Roofstock OnChain has seen the completion of its first home sale. This transaction is the first instantaneous sale and settlement of real estate on an NFT marketplace. The beautiful three bedroom home in Columbia, SC, was purchased for $175,000 using USDC. … Read more

Entering The Real Estate Industry With Roofstock’s NFT Marketplace Powered by Story

Since launching its NFT Collections product in June, Origin Protocol’s Story platform has enjoyed significant growth, compounded by the recent launch of native marketplaces for leading NFT projects, including Pudgy Penguins, Sappy Seals, and Karafuru. While we’re proud to contribute to the vibrant communities cultivated by pfp-based projects, we’ve always been inspired by the vast … Read more