EthereumPoW [ETHW]: How a forked chain is leading others on this front

While most networks saw their DeFi TVLs appreciate in October, newly-forked chain EthereumPoW [ETHW] led with the highest TVL hike. This, according to data from CryptoRank.  As per DefiLlama, at press time, 15 DeFi protocols were housed within the proof-of-work network with a TVL of $5.54 million. Towards the beginning of October, TVL on EthereumPoW … Read more

ETHW: 90% miners may go bankrupt as forked network sees a rocky start

Sequel to its launch on the mainnet on 15 September, the proper take-off of the forked Ethereum Proof-of-work (ETH-PoW) has been hindered by glitches. As a result, the post-Merge PoW blockchain remains inaccessible just two days after its launch.  In an interview with Coindesk on 16 September, Ethereum miner Chandler Guo made some bold claims … Read more

Vitalik Buterin Doesn’t Want ‘Gambley Stuff’ to Price out ‘Cool Stuff.’ So Will Ethereum Make the Cut?

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has warned crypto developers must focus on the long-term value-add of projects rather than short-term profitability.  Sponsored Sponsored He also expressed concern at the public perception of crypto, the dangers to the naive investor, increasing transaction fees, and the flaunting of wealth, all of which impact negatively on the project.  Sponsored … Read more

What Ethereum’s Buterin has to say about block time being ‘reduced much in the future’

Scaling, or the lack of it, has been a grave problem with the Ethereum network. While several plans to increase the platform’s throughput are in the pipeline, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has not been shying away from highlighting its limitations. In an answer to a Reddit thread, Buterin highlighted that decreasing the block time could … Read more

Here’s the ‘realistic estimate’ for post-Merge sharded Ethereum transactions with rollups

With the cryptocurrency industry entering the mainstream this past year, its underlying issues have also come to the limelight alongside it. Among the most frequently cited is the high energy consumed by the oldest and most popular blockchains including Bitcoin and Ethereum, due to their use of the Proof of Work consensus mechanism. Sustainability or … Read more

Sweden’s FSA calls for ‘energy-intensive mining’ of crypto-assets to be ‘prohibited’

The age-old concerns regarding Bitcoin‘s environmental implications have continued to irk communities and governments across the world. In the latest pushback against Bitcoin mining, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has requested the European Union to enact a blanket ban on cryptocurrency mining which uses the “energy-intensive” proof of work system. The statement released earlier today … Read more

Is there any basis to these Ethereum Classic price projections

Ethereum Classic has seen massive growth of late, with 1,127% year-to-date returns to investors. This, despite the 51% attacks not so long ago. What’s more, ETC also outperformed Ethereum [ETH] on several days in May. Now, with Ethereum moving towards Proof of Stake (PoS), the question is, could ETC become the largest Proof of Work … Read more