AntPool to Stop Maintaining Ethereum (ETH) Client Assets Post-Merge 

Crypto mining pool AntPool has said it will no longer manage Ethereum accounts after the Merge and has asked customers to provide their private ETH addresses. AntPool made the announcement in a blog post titled “ETH Maintenance Change Notice.” According to the mining pool, ETH 2.0 “comes along with the risk of censorship among different countries.” The … Read more

Coinbase Will List Ethereum PoW Token if It Meets Listing Criteria

Coinbase has said it will list any potential Ethereum proof of work token after the Merge as long as it meets its listing criteria. The publicly listed exchange made this known in an August 25 tweet, adding that it is fully committed to supporting the Ethereum network migration to a proof-of-stake network. Coinbase is committed … Read more

EthereumPOW Developers Reportedly Disable Difficulty Bomb as Merge Date Draws Closer

Developers of the purported EthereumPOW hard fork claim they’ve dispensed with the so-called difficulty bomb. This claim comes hot on the heels of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin announcing a date for the upcoming Ethereum merge that may otherwise leave proof-of-work miners out in the cold. Ethereum’s upcoming merge will change the blockchain’s transaction verification mechanism, … Read more

Chainlink Plans to Only Support PoS After Ethereum Merge

Chainlink has announced that it will not support any proof-of-work Ethereum forks after Ethereum’s merge to proof-of-stake. In a memo to the community, the smart contract oracle provider said it wants to align with the Ethereum community’s social consensus to change Ethereum’s consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake. To ensure minimal disruption, Chainlink is conducting a thorough … Read more

Ethereum POW Fork Is ‘Coming Soon’, Says Chinese Miner

A Chinese Bitcoin miner has claimed that a Proof of Work (POW) fork for Ethereum is “coming soon” as Ethereum prepares to migrate to its Proof of Stake (POS) consensus mechanism. If Ethereum is able to keep to its current projected schedule the change in consensus mechanism, known as “the merge,” will occur on the … Read more