Decentralized storage protocol Filecoin leads top 100 on 27% jump in price

Ad Filecoin (FIL) jumped 27% over the last 24 hours to $6.857 at the time of press, leading the top 100 coins by market cap. A volatile 24 hours has seen large caps experience a minor sell-off, losing momentum, following Bitcoin recording a YTD high of $25,260 around 16:00 (GMT)on Feb. 16. Nonetheless, standout performances … Read more

Liquid staking tokens surge 40% in seven days, Lido rises highest

Liquid staking derivatives tokens have increased by an average of over 40% in the last seven days, with Lido (LDO) rising the highest by over 64%, according to CryptoSlate’s data. Liquid staking platforms have enjoyed renewed interest following recent revelations that staked Ethereum could be unlocked as early as March when the network undergoes the … Read more

Santiment data shows 2 addresses controlling over 45% of Ethereum transactions post-merge

Two addresses have processed over 45% of Ethereum (ETH) transactions since the blockchain network completed its transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, according to Santiment data. 📊 According to our #Ethereum Post Merge Inflation dashboard, 46.15% of the #proofofstake nodes for storing data, processing transactions, and adding new #blockchain blocks can be attributed to … Read more

Bitcoin retests $21K as it takes back ground from Ethereum ahead of The Merge

Bitcoin is up 10.3% on the day following an overnight rally taking it back over $20,000 and testing the $21,000 resistance. Interestingly, the ETH-BTC chart shows that Ethereum gave up its recent gains against Bitcoin — falling 4% on the day. Ethereum rose 4.5% against the Dollar overnight but fell by a similar amount against … Read more

Ethereum Classic falls 13%; Cardano founder recommends Ergo for POW

Ethereum Classic (ETC) fell by 13.33% since Sept. 6 after Cardano‘s (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson suggested Ethereum miners shift to Ergo while Ethereum’s founder Vitalik Buterin said that ETC’s welcoming community made it a good coin to mine. ETCUSD ETC had been trading as high as $41.52, but it fell by 19.73% within half a … Read more

Ethereum leads the charge against Bitcoin, rising 61% since June — Flippening price target at $3,750

Ethereum is outperforming Bitcoin ahead of The Merge in September, with the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap rising 61% against Bitcoin since June. The below chart shows the price of Ethereum against Bitcoin since 2018. ETH has finally passed the 0.077 BTC level not seen since January 2022; now just 12% off a 4-year … Read more

Ethereum breaks $1.8K first time since June crash – up 104% from local market bottom

The price of Ethereum has broken $1,800 for the first time since the market crash in June amid the Terra fallout. The bullish price movement comes less than a month from The Merge, which is scheduled for September. Ethereum rose strongly against Bitcoin on August 8 as it approached a key resistance that was last … Read more

Ethereum Classic up over 150% in July as ETH 2.0 draws closer

Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) value increased by over 150% in July, making it one of the top performing digital assets of the month. The asset was trading at $36.50 as of press time after shedding over 11% in the last 24 hours. Interest in the asset reached a crescendo when Ethereum (ETH) developers revealed the date … Read more

Bitcoin dominance up 20% in 2022 – what does this mean?

👋 Want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! Bitcoin (BTC) dominance continues to break through local highs, reaching 46.5%, while Bitcoin closed its ninth weekly red candle in a row. Dominance is a measure of Bitcoin’s share of the global crypto market cap. Source: Bitcoin Dominance on TradingView Until … Read more

Ethereum breaks support, drops to yearly low versus Bitcoin

👋 Want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! Ethereum has broken a support level it has held since November 2021 on the ETH/BTC chart. Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has fallen against Bitcoin by more than 20% since its peak in December. Source: TradingView Fear of … Read more