ZK Research: Bignum Arithmetic for Zero-Knowledge Proofs

As part of our ongoing efforts to inform the Ethereum community about the efforts of Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) teams, we will be posting a series of technical papers by our engineers and researchers. We hope that everyone who’s interested in the inner workings of Polygon’s ZK projects, Ethereum itself, and cryptographic engineering in general will … Read more

ZK Whiteboard Sessions: Your Dev-Driven Curricula for All Things Zero Knowledge

Polygon’s ZK ethos is all about collaboration, as embodied in groundbreaking, industry-reshaping projects such as Polygon zkEVM. In that spirit, Polygon has partnered with ZK Hack, a ZK-focused educational hub, to bring you the ZK Whiteboard Sessions. ZK Hack was created by the team behind the Zero Knowledge Podcast, hosted by Anna Rose. And through … Read more

Polygon ZK Roundup: Q3 2022

There have been several leaps in the zero-knowledge (ZK) space over the last five months, not least of which was Polygon’s rollout of a benchmarking ZK product. In our continuing series on the state of ZK, we look behind the bunting to bring you a recap of what Polygon’s ZK teams have been up to … Read more

Your Three-Step Guide to Using Polygon zkEVM—Yes, It’s That Easy

Last week, Polygon announced the public testnet release of Polygon zkEVM, a benchmarking Zero Knowledge rollup. Polygon zkEVM is; the first such L2 scalability solution with completely source-available code  and equivalence with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. You can already watch in real time as transactions are processed on the public testnet. This is a pivotal … Read more

Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet: The Next Chapter for Ethereum

Ever since we first unveiled Polygon, we have been constantly inspired by Ethereum and its values. We are grateful for all the support and feedback that we have received from the Ethereum community so far, it helped us evolve the project while not losing focus on our goals and vision. To continue in the same … Read more

Polygon Ecosystem Update Q3 2022: Starbucks, Robinhood, zkEVM and the Merge

Over the past few months, Polygon Technology teams have been busy helping ship products, sign partnerships, grow the community, and improve the network. Even as macroeconomic headwinds buffet the world of Web3, Polygon Technology remains focused on building the fundamentals that will help enable the next round of growth. A lot can happen in three … Read more

What Is a zkEVM?

Zero-knowledge (ZK) tech is one of the most prominent and promising paths to scaling Ethereum. One popular use of ZK proofs to scale Ethereum is what’s known as a zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). So what is a zkEVM, and how does it help us make Ethereum cheaper and more efficient to use? Understanding the … Read more

ZK White Paper: Efficient ZK Proofs for Keccak

By Angus Gruen This post is part of a series of technical papers designed to better communicate to the Ethereum community the work of Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) teams. We hope that everyone who’s interested in the inner workings of Polygon’s ZK projects, Ethereum itself, and cryptographic engineering in general will be able to learn something … Read more

Polygon zkEVM Within Vitalik’s Framework: Gaining Clarity and Looking Ahead

The Ethereum community has recently seen a flurry of zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) announcements, including the unveiling of Polygon zkEVM. Given how new these technologies are and how many different approaches are being tried, it comes as no surprise that there has also been a lively debate around key concepts and terminology. What is … Read more