NFT Charity Raffle — Raising Money for those Fleeing the War

This post was originally published on polkamon We are hosting a raffle for a beautiful Ukraine-themed Unidragon, plus a Ukrainian Unidonkey for all who participate As much of the world is undoubtedly aware, the people of Ukraine are suffering through unspeakable horrors on a daily basis. They see, confront and persevere through evils of nature … Read more

Announcing Collect to Earn $PMLG Rewards

This post was originally published on polkamon You can now earn and harvest $PMLG from our beloved Collector Staking feature on the Polychain Monsters website Earlier this month we brought to the community our new $PMON-$PMLG Farms, where users could add their $PMON to new pools on our Farming page in order to earn $PMLG … Read more