These L1 ecosystems have grown faster than Ethereum, but is there cause for concern

It is unarguable that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two biggest cryptocurrencies in the world today and the competition between these two coins has dragged on for years. However now, the cryptocurrency space is seeing a the emergence of another silent competition – the battle between altcoins. Is ETH lagging behind? The crypto universe has … Read more

Ethereum, Dogecoin, Polkadot Price Analysis: 22 December

As the crypto fear and greed index is just five points below the ‘Neutral’ sentiment, the crypto market sees a decent recovery.  Consequently, Ethereum saw a much-awaited jump above the $4,000 mark but displayed a weak directional trend. On the other hand, Dogecoin consolidated and DOT crossed the 50-SMA while flashing bullish technicals.  Ethereum (ETH) … Read more

Cosmos launches Sagan, to make way for ‘experimenting with new initiatives’

Cosmos provides an easy-to-build upon blockchain capable of handling large numbers of transactions. It is also for effectively connecting with other blockchains, creating an Internet of Blockchains. This is a network of blockchains capable of scaling and communicating with each other in a decentralized manner. Cosmos and its ever-expanding ecosystem of interoperable and sovereign blockchain … Read more

With a ‘ready to go’ ecosystem, does Polkadot have a shot at the $250-$350 range

Polkadot, the 8th largest token has been surging for a while now. Steady development and strong fundamentals significantly contributed to a rally toward a new all-time high ($49.80). Consider this plot- DOT is up 356% YTD. Source: CoinMarketCap Meanwhile, the flagship token witnessed a 256% recovery over the last 56 days, as per Trading View. … Read more

Cardano, Polkadot: Why these ‘Ethereum killers’ are ranked higher than ETH in this regard?

Lately, the market has been bullish on tech developments as altcoins are racing to make their ecosystems more technically developed. A veteran financial rating agency came up with a list of ratings for cryptocurrency projects in terms of technology and Ethereum was given the sixth spot.  According to the latest update from the website, the … Read more