Item Level Requirements

When adopting this step-by-step growth model, the most likely downside would be the boredom from the repeated play pattern. To overcome this, the number and scope of options for the equipment recipe are designed to be determined probabilistically. The combination of options and stats allows players to experience various item combinations. The game is designed … Read more

Top 3 Best NFT Games for Making Money In 2022

The gaming industry is the most popular and the most loved industry in the world. It is a perfect combination of entertainment and joy. The gaming industry is evolving from its initial launch many years ago and now they have entered the world of NFTs on a high note. This combination of two domains has … Read more

CryptoBlades and Sugar Kingdoms Join Forces in a Strategic Partnership

This post was originally published on cryptoblades CryptoBladers, we are delighted to announce our sweet and tasty partnership with Sugar Kingdom. With this partnership, our CEO Philip Devine has joined their team as an advisor! “In this new place of fantasy, the sweetest dreams come true. Can you imagine a land covered with chocolate and … Read more

The Metaverse Expands with CryptoBlades and House of Goblins Partnership

CryptoBladers, it is our pleasure to announce our latest partnership with House of Goblins! With this partnership, our CEO Philip Devine is taking an advisor role on their team! Built on the Ethereum blockchain, “The House Of Goblins is not just a hand-drawn randomly generated collection of NFTs, it’s a blockchain game with many dimensions.” … Read more

CryptoBlades Partner SpinTop Officially Joins the MultiFarm!

CryptoBladers! Our partner, SpinTop, has officially joined the Knighthood program! With this comes $40,000 of $SPIN tokens going live in our Multi-Farm Today! Players can claim these for rewards on BNB Chain. Additionally, we will have $KING added to their spindex staking and farming pools. KING-SPIN will reward $SPIN and a singular $SPIN staking pool … Read more