MetaMask Security Monthly: September 2022

Luker Jen Sep 29 · 2 min read This month, a little news from the Lab and some scams to be aware of… Security Laboratory Manchester Mark 1 Computer, 1948. Endo Big news in Endo is the latest attempt to refactor SES shim’s evaluator into a multilayered scope stack, also referred to as “quadruple backflip”. … Read more

Getting robbed sucks. Protect your crypto wallets from online thieves. Here is how.

Rafael Chiang Nov 19 · 4 min read Phishing for Bitcoins MetaMask is an empowering crypto wallet that allows millions of crypto users and enthusiasts to access the Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem from a web browser extension or mobile device, enabling the wallet holder to easily access Web 3.0 (the next stage of the web … Read more

Phisher Watch: Airdrop Scams

Dan Finlay Sep 26 · 4 min read As cryptocurrency has grown, its users have become an increasingly hot target for phishers. Each time we make one type of phishing harder, the phishers come up with new techniques, and so it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay aware of the latest scams, and consider how … Read more