Raiden Community Governance

Raiden Network Sep 15 · 6 min read Raiden is feature complete and fully functional. Now we’re introducing a path to robust community governance. Learn more about the road ahead. Raiden’s goal is to provide a scalable payment solution. We have successfully built it — and more. In late 2021, we announced the Coruscant & … Read more

Raiden Pulse #19: Updates from September and October 2021

Raiden Network Nov 15 · 3 min read Hi Raideneers, It’s time for a new Raiden Pulse where we tell you the ins and outs of what happened the past two months at Raiden. We cover everything from tech news to more general news regarding internal organization topics and community governance below. Let’s dive right … Read more

3,2,1,…Close your channels!

Until October 15th, we recommend you to withdraw your tokens to your on-chain accounts or close your Raiden channels completely. Here’s why: Raiden Network Oct 5 · 3 min read We are close to the finish line with the upcoming Coruscant release for the Python client and the Krittika release for the Light Client. With … Read more

Raiden Pulse #18: Updates from July and August

Raiden Network Sep 3 · 3 min read Welcome back to our bi-monthly edition of the Raiden Pulse where we will guide you through our major news and updates. Sit back, relax and enjoy the reading! 😎 We nailed it This year’s EthCC in Paris, where Raiden was one of the sponsors, was a great … Read more

Raiden Pulse #17: News from April, May and June

Raiden Network Jul 6 · 4 min read We’re back with another Raiden Pulse. Due to a very busy end of May and an even busier June, we decided to cover three months in this issue of the Raiden Pulse. A lot of very exciting things happened during the last three months. The Bespin and … Read more

Announcing the Raiden Light Client “Ashvini” Release

Raiden Network Jun 16 · 6 min read TL;DR The Ashvini release is the first version of the Raiden Light Client released on the Ethereum mainnet. It is a full implementation of Raiden written in Typescript and it runs in any Ethereum enabled browser. Continue to read this blog post to get an overview of … Read more

Bespin Mainnet Release Announcement

Raiden Network Jun 9 · 6 min read TL;DR A new mainnet release of the Raiden Python client is out. This release introduces numerous improvements to the backend which improves the overall user experience and reliability of using the Raiden Network. Among the biggest improvements are changes to the transport layer and faster sync times. … Read more

Raiden Pulse #16: News from February — March

Raiden Network Apr 8 · 5 min read We’re back with another Raiden Pulse. This one covers all the things that happened in the Raiden project from February and March. The main focus areas of the last two months have been to refactor and fix the transport layer for the Python client and to prepare … Read more

Raiden Pulse #15: News from November 2020 — January 2021

Raiden Network Feb 3 · 4 min read With all the challenges 2020 brought, we did our best to keep up with the changing world. Despite being unable to travel and interact with people offline, we took part in multiple online events, developed several demos, and made significant progress towards the light client mainnet release. … Read more