to List Origin Dollar (OUSD)

You can now trade OUSD/USDT on We are excited to announce that Origin Dollar (OUSD) will soon be available for trading on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Gate was founded in 2013 (as and is one of the oldest existing exchanges in all of crypto. We’re thrilled that millions of people will now … Read more

Provide OUSD Liquidity on Curve to Earn OGN and CRV Rewards

Our vision for OUSD We believe that Origin Dollar (OUSD) is a superior stablecoin that is ideal for both spending and saving. Today, OUSD is a phenomenal way to save. Holders can get access to competitive DeFi yields with none of the hassles typically associated with yield farming. However, there is remaining work to make … Read more

The OUSD DApp Now Guarantees You Get the Best Rate Possible

Thousands of people have used the OUSD DApp to upgrade their stablecoins into Origin Dollars (OUSD). Our users love how OUSD earns the highest yields available across DeFi while sitting in their wallets. No staking. No lockups. No hassle. Just buy and hold OUSD to earn. We are excited to introduce the most significant upgrade … Read more