Will ‘moon-magic’ power Ethereum’s flight past $4.5k in the days to come

Less than two weeks back, the global crypto market had crossed the $3 trillion mark in capitalization. Owing to the recent ruckus, the aforementioned level, however, couldn’t sustain for long. After noting a 6% dip in just the past 24-hours, the market cap reflected a value of $2.47 trillion, at the time of this analysis. … Read more

Can Ethereum actually fall to $2700 just because investors want it to

Ethereum has seen bouts of hikes and falls this month with single-day increases touching almost 11.3% and single-day falls sitting at 10.5%. In such an unanticipated market, why are people turning bearish for Ethereum is the question. And, even if they are, what are the chances of Ethereum actually falling further? Investors want Ethereum to … Read more

What is the significance of 24 September for Bitcoin, Ethereum, before Q3 2021 ends

In less than 10 days, the financial industry will collectively call it quits on Q3 2021, and the market couldn’t be more indecisive at the moment. With prices failing to breach past immediate resistance, there is an air of uncertainty at present. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have managed price consolidation above their immediate support of … Read more

Here’s the must-do guide for Ethereum’s bulls

Ethereum’s price currently stands at an interesting juncture. The value of the market’s largest alt surged by 4.27% over the past week. When the alt’s price managed to breach above $3300 a couple of days back, the Ethereum community became quite ecstatic. However, its 24-hour price dip by 4.28%, by and large, nullified the aforementioned … Read more

What you should know about Ethereum’s make or break moment

May-June has passed by the crypto-space in a flash and the 2nd quarter of 2021 is reaching its conclusion. However, there is still one major event left for Ethereum, and it could essentially change the course of its price action going forward into Q3. Within the next 24 hours, Ethereum Options will be undergoing its … Read more