Does an interchain future mean dApps developers have the responsibility to unify?

Ad On the first day of the city-wide crypto event that was EthDenver, Steven Fluin, Head of Developer Relations at Axelar, put the onus of developers to build a more connected web3 by stating that “dApps developers have the responsibility to unify.” Talking at the InterOp Summit, Fluin began by asking the audience to join … Read more

Op-Ed: Is Ethereum now under U.S. control? 99% of latest relay blocks are censoring the network

Following OFAC sanctions on Ethereum addresses related to Tornado Cash and other global entities, many were concerned with the precedent set by the bans. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, called for validators to be slashed if censorship were to occur at the protocol layer. However, over the past month, there has been an increase … Read more

Vitalik Buterin argues that highly decentralized DAOs will be more efficient than corporations

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin laid out arguments to support the view that decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) could be more efficient than traditional corporations in the presence of highly decentralized governance models. Ongoing conversations in the crypto community suggest that highly decentralized DAOs have been inefficient. Many are of the view that protocols could become more efficient … Read more

Ethereum is under attack as U.S. sanctions apply at a protocol level

The hope of a decentralized, open, free internet is in jeopardy right now. This is not hyperbole, FUD, or clickbait. Ethermine, the largest Ethereum mining pool, no longer produces blocks containing Tornado Cash transactions. This is likely due to OFAC sanctions and is an example of censorship at the protocol level. Crypto analyst, Takens Theorem, … Read more

Bitcoin advocate claims Vitalik Buterin does not understand PoW

Swan Bitcoin founder Brandon Quittem said that Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin does not “deeply” understand the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. 1/ I said “Vitalik never understood PoW deeply” I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but here are some examples of @VitalikButerin misunderstanding PoW 🧵👇 — Brandon Quittem (@Bquittem) August 15, 2022 … Read more

Op-ed: How Do Kwon, Terra could have set crypto back 10 years

👋 Want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! The fallout from the collapse of Terra could be even more significant than we first thought. I recently wrote a piece claiming that the crypto industry is under attack from multiple angles, and witnessing the current sentiment within the community, I … Read more

Stacks founder claims Bitcoin will ‘win’ over ETH

👋 Want to work with us? CryptoSlate is hiring for a handful of positions! Stacks‘ Bitcoin maximalist founder Muneeb Ali said he doesn’t own any Ethereum since 2018 because it is losing against Bitcoin as money and as the major smart contract platform. My reason for not holding any ETH for the 2018-2021 cycle: (a) … Read more

Users deride $70M NFT project Pixelmon following reveal of its ‘art’

Pixelmon, a non-fungible token (NFT) project that raised over $70 million earlier this month, has recently revealed the artworks for which users paid up to $10,000…and the crypto community has been having a field day with them ever since. $70 MILLION LOOOOOOOOL — Cobie (@cobie) February 26, 2022 While the definition of “art” is … Read more

Vitalik Buterin on why he welcomes the return of crypto winter

Vitalik Buterin says crypto may benefit from a period of prolonged price depression, otherwise known as crypto winter. The comments came during the ETHDenver festival, which ended on Sunday. However, the Ethereum co-founder clarified that he isn’t sure whether crypto winter has arrived or if recent price action reflects broader macroeconomic volatility. Is crypto winter … Read more

The U.S. already have a CBDC, just skip the “CB”

Few product announcements have stirred such activities among governments around the world as the then Facebook’s, now Meta’s, announcement of the then Libra, now the dead Diem, announcement. The prospects of having a private company with billions of users issue money was just too much for legislators. All of the sudden, everyone was planning a … Read more