OP fights for a larger share of the L2 market with new upgrade: Will it succeed?

Optimism successfully migrated its Goerli Testnet to Bedrock on 13 January The network witnessed a growth in user activity in the last month. Following an initial announcement in December 2022, leading layer 2 network Optimism [OP] completed the migration of its Goerli Testnet to Bedrock on 13 January. We have completed the successful upgrade of … Read more

Arbitrum outperforms Optimism in this key area; can OP stay true to its name?

Optimism’s TVL and revenue declined, though the gas fees used on the platform increased. The velocity and network growth of Optimism plummeted. According to a tweet on 1 January, it was observed that Arbitrum managed to out-compete other L2s, such as Polygon and Optimism in terms of TVL. However, Optimism still managed to dominate the … Read more

Should Optimism [OP] holders rejoice with Ethereum’s Merge coming up

Optimism’s OP was not left behind as the rest of the market registered double-digit price upticks over the past week. In fact, according to CoinMarketCap, the price of the Layer 2 (L2) token rallied by 16% over the last seven days.  Designed as an optimistic rollup network to enhance the scalability of the Ethereum Chain, … Read more