Implementing Collateralized Channels on Ethereum using Go-Perun

Perun Network Mar 22 · 5 min read Previously, we introduced collateralized channels and discussed how they can enable peer-to-peer payments in an offline setting. Collateralized channels can be a solution to digital payments in an offline setting. (Icons: In the following we show how collateralized channels on Ethereum are implemented using the Go-Perun … Read more

Realizing Offline Peer-2-Peer Micro-Payments via Collateralized Channels

Perun Network Mar 15 · 2 min read Payment channels enable fast local micro-payments on top of a comparatively slow global transaction backend. However, opening a payment channel typically requires that clients are connected to a global transaction backend. Therefore, payment channels cannot be established when clients are offline, e.g., when going through a rural … Read more