ETHDenver goes beyond cringe to utility, culture and beyond

Ad As ETHDenver draws to a close, builders across Web3 leave with new ideas, developments and utilities led by a unique and multi-hyphenated culture and community interested in everything from wallets to services, privacy, dank sharding, folk music, video games and art. ETHDenver draws heavily on its unique culture Cringe aside, people coming together irl … Read more

Warner Bros backs Ethereum ecosystem as it migrates Blocklete Golf to ImmutableX

Ad Immutable continues its partnership with Warner Bros with the launch of the web3 mobile game Blocklete Golf from Discovery Sports on Immutable X. Warner Bros web3 adoption Last month, Warner Bros added a web3 quiz game to create the Bleacher Report Watch-to-Earn (B/R W2E game.) In addition, Warner is furthering its partnership with Immutable … Read more

Aaron Sage deems BLUR ‘the worst thing to happen’ in NFT space; others disagree

Ad Aaron Sage said, “Blur is the worst thing to happen in this space,” in a recent tweet. The writer, who described himself as “deeply passionate about NFTs, Crypto, and Self-Development,” then blasted the marketplace on the basis that non-fungibles are “not all about money.” “They have brainwashed you with their incentives and given you … Read more

Unity launches decentralized technology tools for game developers

Ad Unity Technologies, developer of the Unity game engine, has launched a new set of decentralized technology tools for game developers looking to add decentralization to their games. Unity said that “decentralization” in a gaming context refers to “models of ownership in games that allow players to create, earn, or obtain in-game resources that they … Read more

NFT marketplace burns 252 ETH to hit top of burn leaderboard

Ad NFT marketplace aggregator has surpassed Uniswap, OpenSea, and Etherum transactions as the top ETH burner over the past 24 hours. Data shared by Access Protocol CEO Mika Honkasalo from Ultrasoundmoney highlighted that over 252 ETH was burned as a result of activity between Feb. 18 and Feb. 19. Furthermore, the two contracts … Read more

Ethereum NFT sales climb 43% in January

Ad Ethereum NFT sales jumped 43% in January compared to the previous month, according to CryptoSlam. Total sales in January came to $780.2 million, which comprised 267.6k unique sellers and 257.6k unique buyers, the data aggregator platform showed. For comparison, total sales in December 2022 amounted to $546.8 million — consisting of 203.8k unique sellers … Read more

Ethereum NFT market cap shrank 59.6% in 2022; NFT trading volume jumps 38% in January

Ad The total market cap of the NFT collections deployed on Ethereum (ETH) recorded a 59.6% drop in 2022, according to a DappRadar report. The aggregate market cap of the ETH-based NFT projects started the year 2022 at $9.3 billion and ended at $3.7 billion, according to the report. However, numbers from January indicate that … Read more

Mastercard NFT leader steps down and tokenizes resignation letter

Mastercard NFT product lead Satvik Sethi said in a series of tweets on Feb. 2 that he has resigned from that position, which he has held for the past year. Sethi said he experienced harassment and distress due to the company’s management. He suggested that his salary was denied to him, his employment contract was … Read more

Rally’s RLY token tanks 10% as sidechain shuts down – severing users’ from their NFTs

Ethereum-based (ETH) social token platform Rally said its sidechain would shutter operations on Jan. 31, and users would be unable to transfer their non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according to emails sent to its community on the same day. Following the news, its native token RLY  fell by roughly 10% to $0.01353, according to CryptoSlate data. The … Read more