Here’s the ‘big picture’ story of how the NFT market is really faring

Non-fungible token (NFT) trading volumes and sales may have fallen in October. However, according to DappRadar’s findings, an increase of 18% in monthly unique NFT traders demonstrates that the market is still in “high demand.” DappRadar reported that there were 1.11 million monthly unique NFT traders in October, up 18% from the roughly 950,000 traders there … Read more

The First Real Estate Sale via NFT Marketplace: Executed on Origin Protocol’s Story Marketplace

The recently launched NFT marketplace for physical property exchange developed by Origin Protocol for Roofstock OnChain has seen the completion of its first home sale. This transaction is the first instantaneous sale and settlement of real estate on an NFT marketplace. The beautiful three bedroom home in Columbia, SC, was purchased for $175,000 using USDC. … Read more

OGN Season 2 Staking: What You Need to Know

OGN staking offers rewards from fees generated by Origin Story’s NFT platform. Season 2 of the staking program starts soon, and pre-staking just went live on our site. Key dates: Season 2 launch: Nov 9, 2022 at midnight UTC Season 2 staking locked: Feb 7, 2023 at midnight UTC Season 2 ends: Mar 9, 2023 … Read more

OGN Season 1 Staking Ends Midnight UTC 10/10/2022

Important dates October 10, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 staking locked November 9, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 ends and Season 2 begins November 9, 2022 at midnight UTC — December 9, 2022 at midnight UTC: Season 1 rewards claim period We’ve been inspired by the active interest and participation in OGN staking … Read more

September 2022 Token Holder Updates: OGN, OGV, & OUSD

Every month, the Origin team publishes a monthly update to our token holders and the broader community. Welcome to the September 2022 edition. We have a lot of updates to share on all fronts of Origin Protocol this month, as well as a few exciting updates to look forward to in the coming weeks. Summary … Read more

Ethereum’s dwindling NFT sales and buyers have a Solana twist which looks like…

NFTs, once a trending keyword in 2021, are seeing their traction and popularity fade in 2022, especially as NFT metrics slide down. Big bulls such as Ethereum-based NFTs have, understandably, faced severe repercussions too. Ergo, the question – Can Ethereum’s competitors capitalize on this opportunity? If so, can it make its way back to the … Read more

How NFTs Benefit the Artists You Know and Love

Finding success as a traditional artist has always meant navigating the closed-off world of the gallery-dealer complex. An artist who doesn’t come from a privileged background or runs in well-connected circles, has little hope of gaining traction. And if their art happens to be digital, they are pretty much straight out of luck. Non fungible … Read more

Blue-Chip NFTs worth the label? A BAYC, CryptoPunks case study

Up by 2% over the last seven days, the Blue Chip Index revealed some growth in the performance of Blue Chip NFTs over the past week. According to NFTGo, the Blue Chip Index is calculated by weighing the market capitalization of Blue Chip NFT collections to determine their performance.  So, let’s take a closer look … Read more

Introducing Collections: branded marketplaces, powered by Origin Story

Origin Protocol’s Story platform aims to bring NFTs to everyone with the simplest and most trusted way for NFT creators to launch, manage and grow their collections and communities. As a pioneer in NFTs, Story has led record-breaking NFT drops from world-renowned creators including 3LAU, Paris Hilton, BT, Trevor Jones, and Don Diablo. We’re huge … Read more