Can BAYC’s latest efforts help rescue its in-trouble daily volume, sales stats

Ukraine’s crypto-crowdfunding push began on 26 February 2022 after the government’s official Twitter account announced crypto-donations. Since then, it has received well over $88 million in donations alone. Joining this list  Web3 communities — from DAOs to memecoin holders to NFT collections — have announced projects and initiatives centered around contributing to Ukraine’s relief efforts. … Read more

Does Fantom’s entry in the NFT space give it one up on Ethereum

After Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana have been gaining strength in the NFT space recently. They are now being joined by Fantom. Even though Fantom has been around for a while now, this has been one of the biggest steps for the chain, in terms of development. So now, looking at the NFT space … Read more