Ethereum investors must be alert of these entry and exit triggers

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be considered investment advice Ethereum [ETH] left its investors quite disgruntled after its inability to break the chains of its daily 20 EMA (red) for two months now. The ripples of the recent Bitcoin rally aided ETH’s falling wedge … Read more

ETH traders couldn’t keep calm as ‘first dress rehearsal’ of the ‘Merge’ was…

Ethererum‘s much-anticipated “Merge” seem to be closer than ever. DeFi investors are hoping that Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ will pull the crypto market out of its current bear market. All roads lead to ‘YOU’ The second-largest cryptocurrency has significantly suffered in 2022. Data from DeFiLlama shows, that the total value of assets locked in the space has … Read more

Will Ethereum’s [ETH] 16% spike set it up for a rally to $2,500

The road to recovery is not always an easy path, and recovery amidst a volatile cryptocurrency market is not easy, especially when the cryptocurrency is Ethereum, the king of altcoins. But as it turns out to be, a very good recovery might as well be on the charts for the altcoin given its current momentum, … Read more

More than 10% ETH deposited in ETH 2.0 contract but here’s the caveat

Ethereum, the largest altcoin continues to suffer the bearish winter within the crypto market. ETH slipped below the $2k mark following aggressive sell-offs from traders/investors. The number of addresses in loss reached an ATH of 34,966,535 as per Glassnode. Thus, showcasing the reason behind the event. However, the altcoin has another ace up its sleeve- … Read more

Ethereum [ETH]: How HODLers managed to remain unnerved by the crash

Ethereum seems to be running low on gas as it edges towards capitulation. Recent weeks have been nothing but a stain on the vision endorsed by Buterin and his team. The altcoin king dropped to a 14-month low over the weekend as it continues to struggle. “Far from home” The Ethereum community was perplexed after … Read more

Terra [LUNA]: Nansen’s report reveals new information on UST’s depegging fiasco

Latest report stated that the Terra crash earlier in May was not caused by a single hostile party. Rather a total of seven wallets were flagged by Nansen researchers as they studied on-chain data from Terra to Ethereum. The report also concluded that the UST de-pegging was not carried out by hackers or attackers.  The … Read more

Here’s Ethereum co-founder’s take on algorithmic stablecoins

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin has offered two thought experiments on how to establish whether an algorithmic (algo) stablecoin is feasible in the long term. On 25 May, Buterin remarked that increased examination of crypto and DeFi in the aftermath of Terra’s meltdown is “really beneficial. However, he advised against dismissing any algo-stablecoins completely. Buterin’s comments were … Read more

Ethereum [ETH]: Decoding next steps with 600k option contracts expiring soon

“It’s not about the money- It’s about the game.” The composite character, Gordon Gekko from the 1987 film ‘Wall Street’ puts it well. And, perhaps, ETH option writers must be overjoyed to see that the game this time has been won by ETH traders who took a bearish stance in the past. In particular, the … Read more

Ethereum: Traders can take short positions here with a stop-loss at or just above…

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be considered investment advice. Bitcoin continued to trade within a range from $28.7k to $30.6k, while much of the rest of the altcoin market was in a downtrend. Ethereum managed to stave the bears off in the past … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] takes a bigger-than-ever hit amid its recent capitulation

Ethereum is going the other way again after its latest drop today. The largest altcoin dropped below $1,800 for the second time this month and is looking to further dive into the proceeding support level. The tough love comes at a testing time with the major cryptocurrencies in disarray. Ethereum has continued the trip down … Read more