Ethereum updates to know before taking profit this week

The crypto market has seen a shift in general sentiment since 9 August. This is being credited to the release of United States CPI news which will be panned out later on 10 August. There are expectations among analysts that inflation has already peaked in June with the cooling of gas prices and supply-chain issues. … Read more

ETH 2.0 deposit contract crosses the 13M mark ft. a bullish ETH twist

Ethereum‘s much-anticipated Merge continues to see bullish developments over the ETH 2.0 deposit contract. However, unlike on previous occasions, the main ‘OG’ token too has been creating a sense of belonging. Here’s the latest record sheet – Higher highs  Ethereum 2.0 is an upgrade to the Ethereum network that focuses on improving the speed, efficiency, … Read more

What these metrics tell investors about Ethereum’s readiness for the Merge

With the Merge set for a launch in September, does Ethereum look ready for the next big step? For its part, ETH has registered an uptrend in price action over the month of July. However, the utility of Ethereum rests on many sectors of Web 3.0. While being the flagship altcoin, Ethereum heads other cryptocurrencies … Read more

ETH up by 11% as Ethereum community remains optimistic about the Merge 

Ethereum [ETH] developers concluded their latest fortnightly call two days ago. All eyes are on the Merge transition scheduled for September. But before that there are still some things to be crossed off the list. The call put forth pressing concerns for the developers and scheduled updates for the ecosystem. Market optimists are counting on … Read more

Ethereum’s [ETH] Merge talk investors shouldn’t miss out on

The news of the Ethereum Merge pumped up optimism on the network. However, ETH, at press time, was consolidating above $1600 as the Merge craze started easing coming into the weekend. In the current relief rally, ETH has outperformed the king coin by achieving a 19.07% increase in the last seven days. Now, the question … Read more

Shoutout to Ethereum LTH, target for 2030 could be $15…

Ethereum [ETH], the largest altcoin continues to showcase vital signs of life. At press time, ETH surpassed the $1.5k mark with a 1.51% surge over the last day. It has seen a 44.35% rise in the past seven days. Nevertheless, despite the recurrent green candles, the industry experts’ sentiment concerning the altcoin remains mixed with … Read more

ETH’s inflection point might be around the corner, here’s how

Ethereum [ETH] is receiving more attention now that the Merge that marks the Ethereum 2.0 transition is around the corner. More specifically, investors are curious to see how the Merge will impact ETH’s demand and price action. One potential outcome for Ethereum 2.0 is a shift in favor of a strong rally as demand dynamics … Read more

Ethereum Merge will not reduce gas fees, DeFi researcher says

DeFi trader Vivek Raman, in a Twitter thread, has argued that Ethereum’s (ETH) anticipated Merge would not bring down the network fees as expected by many. The Ethereum Merge is one of the most powerful catalysts in crypto history, and it is quickly approaching As we reach the endgame for ETH under the proof of … Read more

As Ethereum struggles to sustain above $2k, here’s all you need to look out for

Ethereum is down again! The largest altcoin has continued to disappoint investors as it is struggling to rise above the $2,000 price level. The Ethereum Foundation has already announced the final date for the Merge in August. But the current trajectory is a sore sight for the community as it stumbles on the price chart. … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] attempting to sustain itself over $2k level thanks to…

ETH is back on track after recording a 4% bull run in the last 24 hours. After a difficult series of weeks, ETH developers have finally released a bit of good news. A core developer posted a tweet signaling the release of the testnet on 8 June. The Ethereum community seems to have a sigh … Read more