Can Polygon’s series of updates help MATIC get rid of its year-end woes

Polygon announced its partnership with Warner Music Group and yet-to-launch music NFTs platform LGND Music. The network confirmed that it commenced the first batch of one-third vesting and distribution further to its February fundraising.   Blockchain projects seem to be scampering for end-of-the-year wins following the series of problems that have plagued the ecosystem since the … Read more

BitPay Switches on MATIC Payments for Merchants

BitPay, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, will begin to support Polygon’s MATIC token this week.  Users can make payments with Polygon’s native token via most popular Polygon wallets. Collectibles marketplace Panini America is among the first merchants to accept MATIC payments. Users of the BitPay app can also buy, store, … Read more

Binance Stablecoin BUSD Is Now Available On Polygon

Binance USD (BUSD) is now available for deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon network, giving our users access to one of the fastest-growing stablecoins. BUSD, first issued on Ethereum and BNB chains, is now extended to Polygon to provide users with a fast and secure way to transfer the USD-backed stablecoin across different blockchains. The … Read more

Can MATIC really leverage the hype around Ethereum for more upside?

It has been quite an interesting week for Ethereum’s community as it prepares for a major upgrade. In fact, its impact has started spilling over into Ethereum layer 2 solutions such as Polygon now. The latter’s native cryptocurrency, MATIC, concluded the week on the back of a significant upside on the charts. MATIC’s bulls noted … Read more

Can MATIC reach $2 with two new products lined up for release

Polygon Network is an emerging cryptocurrency working on a scalability blockchain platform. Its native token, MATIC, is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that powers Polygon. Polygon has had solid fundamentals and compelling use cases, so traders have been optimistic about it. However, of late the token has been bothering investors. MATIC token appeared to be bottoming … Read more

Gas fees: Ethereum is now cheaper than Polygon

Who would have guessed Ethereum gas fees would ever be cheap again? Sometimes the past week, gas fees have been as low as just 10 gwei per gas unit even for high-priority transactions. As one gwei is one-billionth of an eth, this means a transaction on Ethereum (ETH) mainchain can be as affordable as 50 … Read more

Is Polygon safu? Critics: Multisig isn’t secure enough, $5B in jeopardy

Polygon is perhaps the most popular alternative to transacting directly on the Ethereum baselayer (L1), giving users the opportunity to do fast transactions with low fees. Polygon (MATIC) is best known as a so-called side-chain to Ethereum, i.e. an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain running its own set of validator nodes. However, the Polygon … Read more

Polygon reaches new milestone of 7000 dApps, beats ETH’s daily transaction volume

Layer 2 protocols aimed at bringing scalability to the ever-congested Ethereum network have been stealing the crypto show ever since the DeFi summer last year. One platform that especially stood out was Polygon, which has become a go-to for many to for many DeFi proponents looking for low fees and high speed on their transactions. … Read more

Polygon’s much-anticipated EIP-1559 upgrade live on Mumbai testnet

India-based Polygon network has been trending for a while now. Recently the Ethereum-powered network acquired a zero-knowledge (ZK) protocol developer, Mir, for around USD 400 million. Now, it is rolling out a testnet implementation that could possibly hike MATIC by 3X in the current cycle. Roll-out Polygon, a layer-2 scaling solution taking inspiration from Ethereum … Read more

Ethereum, MATIC, Uniswap Price Analysis: 8 December

While the top 10 Cryptos were in red in the past 24 hours, Ethereum and Uniswap technicals flashed mixed signs. The overall momentum favored the sellers, while the bulls continued their steady near-term revival. On the flip side, MATIC projected bullish near-term technicals as it endeavored to cross its ATH.   Ethereum (ETH) Source: TradingView, ETH/USDT … Read more