Coinbase Warns ETH Unstaking Could Take Months

Coinbase will allow customers of its ETH staking program to unstake their assets 24 hours after ETH developers activate the Shapella fork on the Ethereum mainnet. The exchange said that the protocol would control the waiting time for the payouts of ETH rewards, making the ETA of funds unpredictable. Withdrawal requests could take months to … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Price Hits Critical Resistance, but Will It Break Out?

The Ethereum (ETH) price is in the process of breaking out from a crucial horizontal resistance level. Doing so would also cause a breakout from a long-term descending resistance line. While there is no direct Ethereum news regarding the Shanghai upgrade, the fork is expected to deploy in April. The Shanghai Upgrade is the first … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Price Gives Mixed Signals but Still Likely to Outperform Bitcoin (BTC)

The Ethereum (ETH) price has struggled to regain its footing since deviating above the $1,660 resistance area. But despite this struggle, Ethereum is still expected to outperform Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH) Price Drop Incoming? The technical analysis from the daily time frame shows that the Ethereum price action gives a mixed outlook. Initially, the ETH price … Read more

Ethereum at Risk: What Happens if the SEC Rules It an Unregistered Security?

Lately, Ethereum (ETH) has been under scrutiny with some arguing that it should be classified as a security. Ruling Ethereum as an unregistered security could subject it to the same regulations as traditional securities, leading to decreased demand for the cryptocurrency. Potential Consequences of SEC Ruling Ethereum-based associated projects, including many altcoins, could also be … Read more

Ethereum ERC-4337 Token Standard Deployed, What Does It Mean for ETH Users?

An Ethereum network upgrade was quietly deployed this week as EIP-4337 went live. It ushers in a number of improvements for the Ethereum ecosystem. On March 1, EIP-4337 deployed on the Ethereum mainnet heralding a new token standard – ERC-4337. The token standard implementation was initially proposed in September 2021. At that time, it was … Read more

Ethereum Developers Push Shanghai Mainnet Upgrade to April

Ethereum developers will deploy the Shapella hard fork on the Goerli testnet at 10 p.m. UTC on March 14, 2023, delaying mainnet withdrawals by three to four weeks. The Goerli launch will be the first deployment on a public testnet that will enable testing of full and partial staked ETH withdrawals. Ethereum Goerli Software Expected … Read more

Vitalik Buterin Shares Opinions on Ethereum UI: ‘More Still Needs to Be Done’

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has shared some of his personal user experiences with the network and crypto payments. On Feb. 28, Vitalik Buterin published a blog post on his experiences using Ethereum for payments. The network has come a long way since its inception, “but more still needs to be done,” he concluded. Buterin used … Read more

Can Ethereum (ETH) Price Regain Footing Ahead of Testnet Release?

The Ethereum (ETH) price is trading below an important resistance area at $1,690. Whether it reclaims it or gets rejected could determine the future trend’s direction. In the news last week, Ethereum developers stated that they want to build a new testnet to solve the issue of token distribution for developers that currently use the … Read more

60% of Staked Ethereum Remains ‘Underwater’ Despite Local Price Highs

The amount of staked Ethereum is continually increasing. However, more than half of it remains underwater in terms of gains made despite the ETH price recently hitting local highs. A large portion of all the Ethereum staked is still underwater, according to research shared by analysts on Feb. 18. The chart shows that 60% of … Read more

Ethereum on Liquid Staking Protocols Crosses 7M ETH, Reaching $12B in Value

The number of Ethereum tokens locked in liquid staking derivatives protocols has surpassed seven million, according to data from Defillama. Currently, the total value of assets locked on these platforms stands at nearly $12 billion. The market is dominated by the top three liquid staking platforms, which control 95% of the market. Huge Spike in … Read more