Coinbase has 4 million people on its waitlist

Coinbase is finalizing plans to float its NFT marketplace, and the company currently has over 4 million people on a waitlist for its upcoming platform Coinbase NFT Marketplace Coinbase is one of the most significant crypto marketplaces, and with a company of this size, it’s only natural that when they enter the NFT space, they … Read more

Solana NFTs are welcome in the OpenSea ecosystem

Wen Solana? Now Solana, OpenSea is finally ready to begin supporting Solana-based NFTs, and this puts a different spin on the entire NFT ecosystem OpenSea x Solana blockchain Telling you how OpenSea is the most extensive marketplace for NFTs will make me sound like a broken record, so I’ll breeze through that. If you’re not … Read more

Are the majority of trades on LooksRare unethical?

LooksRare is one of the most exciting up and coming NFT marketplaces, but a recent look into its activities may point toward unethical behaviors on this platform LooksRare: A strong contender LooksRare is a scintillating NFT marketplace that has cemented itself as a respectable and strong player in the NFT space. LooksRare might not be … Read more

THE LARGEST NFT contest on the Relictum NFT Marketplace

Relictum NFT Marketplace is a celebrity at the dawn of the NFT era! Relictum ecosystem is a powerful set of products and advanced technologies available for everyone in one app and designed for implementing tasks of any complexity and bold ideas of blockchain technology. After the buzz in the blockchain market, Relictum has gained respect … Read more

LooksRare Marketplace: What is all the hype about?

LooksRare marketplace is an NFT marketplace where the community comes first and trading rewards are given for marketplace participation. Buy or sell NFTs to earn your rewards. And what’s more, is that trading fees are 20% lower than on OpenSea. Combine that with the generous trading rewards of up to 165% APR offered by LooksRare … Read more