MakerDAO: What this “Optimistic” proposal may mean for MKR and DAI

MakerDAO has offered to integrate the Optimism chain on its network subject to community approval Its stablecoin, DAI, has remained top of supply on the protocol, and could also be impacted by the integration MakerDAO’s [MKR] mission to enable its users to get better incentives seems to have taken another turn with a proposed Optimism [OP] … Read more

MakerDAO founder proposes converting $3.5B USDC reserve to Ethereum

MakerDAO (MKR) founder Rune Christensen has asked DAO members to consider converting its $3.5 billion USDC reserves to Ethereum (ETH) because of the extent of the Tornado Cash sanctions. MakerDAO is considering a $3.5 billion ETH market buy, converting all USDC from the peg stability module into ETH. — banteg (@bantg) August 11, 2022 Christensen … Read more

MakerDAO identifies risks of an Ethereum hard fork

DeFi protocol MakerDAO (MKR) has identified seven risks its protocol faces if Ethereum (ETH) is forked. Futures backwardation and negative funding According to the protocol, the first risk it faces is future backwardation and negative funding. In this case, while spot ETH will get forked PoW tokens, those exposed to ETH perpetual contracts and quarterly … Read more

MakerDAO exec wants to circle back to Ethereum to address climate change

Rune Christensen, the Founder of DeFi protocol MakerDAO, recently published a lengthy blog post highlighting steps the platform could take in order to address climate change concerns. The post, titled “The Case for Clean Money,” argued that the protocol should ensure that its collateral comprises “sustainable and climate-aligned assets that consider the long-term impacts of … Read more

InstaDApp [v2] — Personal Banking Experience.

Sowmay Jain Mar 12, 2019 · 4 min read Gmail is just a cool layer on top of SMTP — Simple Mail Transfer Protocol — you probably don’t even know about it. InstaDApp is a cool layer on DEFI protocols — you don’t even need to know what’s happening under the hood. That’s how we … Read more