Are the majority of trades on LooksRare unethical?

LooksRare is one of the most exciting up and coming NFT marketplaces, but a recent look into its activities may point toward unethical behaviors on this platform LooksRare: A strong contender LooksRare is a scintillating NFT marketplace that has cemented itself as a respectable and strong player in the NFT space. LooksRare might not be … Read more

LooksRare Marketplace: What is all the hype about?

LooksRare marketplace is an NFT marketplace where the community comes first and trading rewards are given for marketplace participation. Buy or sell NFTs to earn your rewards. And what’s more, is that trading fees are 20% lower than on OpenSea. Combine that with the generous trading rewards of up to 165% APR offered by LooksRare … Read more

Transaction volume up, users down – is OpenSea challenger LooksRare gmi?

Two weeks since launch, LooksRare, portrayed as a community driven challenger to the NFT behemoth OpenSea, is still printing high levels of transaction volumes. On the surface, it looks like LooksRare has gotten itself a foothold on the market. OpenSea has had, and still have, an impressive journey from around $71 million in sales a … Read more

NFTs sold in the last seven days were worth over $2.5 billion

Despite the current sentiments about the crypto industry, the non-fungible token space has continued its impressive run this year. The NFT space recorded over $2.5 billion worth of sales within the previous week. This represents a 161% growth within the last seven days. NFT sales on Ethereum dominates  Per data, NFTs on the Ethereum … Read more

OpenSea’s up for competition, vampire LooksRare sucking trading volume

NFT marketplace OpenSea totally dominates the NFT trading market with a market share of over 90 percent in trading volume. However, just two days after its launch, LooksRare, a “vampire attack” or decentralized clone of OpenSea, is looking to give the dominant player a fight. A vampire attack is a clone of an existing service … Read more