Ethereum: 1 million ETH now burned, but here’s why the Merge cannot wait

Earlier today, the Ethereum network managed to successfully burn 1 million ETH, worth over $4 billion at the time of writing. This milestone was achieved over three months after the London hard fork (EIP-1559) was successfully activated back in early August. Source: Watch the Burn Thanks to EIP-1559, the base fee is burned during each … Read more

Ethereum: Is it too soon to expect this from London

Over the next 24 hours, Ethereum will change for good. With the London hard fork scheduled for release at block 12, 965,000, there will be some major changes coming to the network. However, what is noteworthy is that tomorrow’s upgrade alone may not bear an impact as significant as expected. The reason for the same can … Read more

Ethereum ‘flippening’ Bitcoin – Assessing if it is any closer

The question, hope, argument, or possibility of Ethereum “flippening” Bitcoin has popped up time and time again, especially over the previous month. However, the question is more relevant now, primarily because of two reasons. Source: Coinstats The first one being Ethereum’s London hard fork scheduled for this week. The second reason is Ethereum’s performance over … Read more