60% of Staked Ethereum Remains ‘Underwater’ Despite Local Price Highs

The amount of staked Ethereum is continually increasing. However, more than half of it remains underwater in terms of gains made despite the ETH price recently hitting local highs. A large portion of all the Ethereum staked is still underwater, according to research shared by analysts on Feb. 18. The chart shows that 60% of … Read more

Ethereum Liquid Staking Protocols Spark Centralization, Depegging Concerns

If Ethereum markets were not in a bad enough place already, centralization concerns have been raised regarding liquid staking protocols with the largest one already depegging. Major liquid staking protocols such as Lido are becoming a growing concern over the amount of Ethereum that is staked in them. Lido offers liquid staking which allows users … Read more

Polygon Welcomes Liquid Staking of MATIC by Stader Labs

Stader Labs‘ liquid staking solution is coming soon to Polygon, enabling MATIC holders to unlock liquidity and leverage their capital in one of 7,000 Polygon-based GameFi and DeFi apps — all while remaining staked!  Holders of Polygon’s native MATIC token can use Stader to stake it and receive a fungible liquid token MATICX that shows … Read more

ClayStack Mainnet Goes Live On Polygon To Bring Liquid Staking

Polygon Liquid Staking goes live on ClayStack mainnet – a decentralized liquid staking protocol where users can stake MATIC, Polygon’s native token, and start earning staking rewards. Polygon validators are responsible for verifying the authenticity and validity of transactions within the network and are rewarded in return. Read more: How over $3.9 billion staked MATIC … Read more