Why Lido Finance’s support of Ethereum upgrade is important?

Ongoing voting showed that the Lido community would most likely support the Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade. The protocol’s TVL growth has evidently surpassed others. The call by Lido Finance [LDO] on its community to approve withdrawals on its Staking Router might have yielded the much-needed fruits. According to the snapshot of voting, 100% of the liquid-staking … Read more

Lido [LDO]: Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade will impact the staking platform by…

The Shanghai Upgrade will be released in three days. As a result of the upgrade, LDO has seen a surge in staking. The coming week is extremely important for the Ethereum [ETH] community because the Shanghai upgrade is scheduled to take place in three days, counting down from press time. There has been a lot … Read more

Lido Finance: Decline in TVL, re-emergence of bears, and everything in between

Due to the fall in prices of some native coins, Lido’s TVL declined in the last week. The buying pressure for LDO has declined significantly, and a price drawback might be on the horizon. Lido Finance [LDO], a prominent liquid staking protocol, experienced a drop in its Total Value Locked (TVL) in the past week … Read more

Attention LDO holders! Now might be the time to rethink your trading strategy

LDO’s price rallied by over 75% in the last week As investors seek out profit, the bears might be getting ready for a re-entry. Lido Finance’s governance token LDO, saw a significant increase in price of 78% in the past week. This made LDO one of the top-performing cryptocurrency assets in terms of gains over … Read more

Liquid staking tokens surge 40% in seven days, Lido rises highest

Liquid staking derivatives tokens have increased by an average of over 40% in the last seven days, with Lido (LDO) rising the highest by over 64%, according to CryptoSlate’s data. Liquid staking platforms have enjoyed renewed interest following recent revelations that staked Ethereum could be unlocked as early as March when the network undergoes the … Read more

Assessing MakerDAO’s [MKR] health following its displacement by Lido

MakerDAO had a system surplus at press time, indicating that the total debt owed was not more than the value of the collateral in the system Its displacement by Lido might be temporary due to its slipping grip on the ETH staking market Leading decentralized finance protocol (DeFi) MakerDao [MKR] provided users with an overview … Read more

All about Lido Finance, what the Shanghai upgrade can do, and the threat it faces

Lido’s share of the ETH staking market now sits at 29% The APR offered witnessed a decline as well. Lido Finance [Lido] commenced the 2023 trading year with a slight decline in its market share in the ETH staking ecosystem. The leading liquid Ethereum [ETH] staking platform’s performance was highlighted by Dune Analytics.  Read Lido Finance’s … Read more

Massive staked Ethereum withdrawals by whales allow arbitrageurs to profit

Lido (LDO) staked Ethereum (stETH) traded at a discount to Ethereum (ETH) on Curve after a whale removed 84,131 ETH ($101 million) from the protocol, allowing arbitrageurs to profit from the situation. Peckshield also reported that a whale withdrew 42,400 stETH from Aave. #PeckShieldAlert A Whale has withdrawn ~42.4k $stETH (~$50M) from Aave Protocol V2 … Read more

How did Lido Finance [LDO] do, before and after Ethereum’s Merge

Prior to the Ethereum mainnet Merge, the majority of all Ether (ETH) staked ahead of the transition of the Ethereum network to a proof-of-consensus mechanism was done on Lido Finance.  Interestingly, data from Dune Analytics revealed that at press time, with 4,170,811 ETH staked with the liquid staking platform, it still holds over 30% of … Read more

ETH 2.0: All the latest development investors could capitalize on

With eight days till the end of August, the start of the next month comes with increased anticipation for the most significant event within the blockchain ecosystem in the last year –  the Ethereum Merge or, as many put it, “Ethereum 2.0.”  With 15 September confirmed as the date for the eventual transition of the … Read more